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You just found a location! What's next?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Congratulations, you just found the future home of your new practice! But what's next? Time to make your vision a reality. Stage One: Make It Yours Secure the funding. Most clients will work with a major bank, others may use investors or their own personal capital. Incorporate. Set up your corporation and associated banking accounts. Negotiate. Are you going to lease or purchase? We recommend using a real-estate team with medical/dental experience to help negotiate the terms of your agreement. Consult. Get in contact with me. I will help with the future stages of your project. Stage Two: Open for Bidding

Meet with/review your contractor options. Select your contractor and pay their required deposit. Stage Three: Plan It Out Visit the site with your contractor, designer and me. We will use this time to take the measurements that will be used to create the preliminary plan. Outfit. With the preliminary plan in place select the equipment you will need to set up the practice. Blueprints. Happy with the preliminary plan? Have your engineer put together the documentation your selected contractor will work off of/submit for permits. Stage Four: Equip and Submit

Place your equipment and dental cabinetry order. A deposit will be required for each. Specialty Dental and I will submit your X-Ray approval application. Stage Five: Style and Brand Pick your wall finishes (paint, wallpaper etc), flooring (tile, hardwood etc), cabinetry colors and decorations/special touches. Consult your designer as needed. Design a logo and the associated branding. Order your signage,business cards and team wear. Set up an online presence. Launch a dedicated website and create accounts for websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Make sure to register your practice with Google so that you appear in organic searches. Stage Six: Permits and Trades Your contractor will submit for building permits Contractor also sources required trades. Such as Heating/Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, etc. Construction begins on receipt of building permits. Stage Seven: Digital and Office Infrastructure

Interview and hire your staff. Pick a dental IT company/professional to work with.

Have the office integrated by your IT company . They will set up the network, security, digital storage and backup systems. Order the office displays (monitors) and computers. Consult your equipment expert to ensure the requirements for your digital equipment are met. Set up payment options. Secure a Credit/Debit terminal and contact insurance providers to register for direct billing. Consider purchasing a combination printer/scanner/fax. Pick your Patient Management software and feature options. Order your office supplies and sundries. Stage Eight: Put It Together Heating/Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical final inspections are completed at this time. Upon passing the trade inspections/completion of construction a final inspection will be required prior to the occupancy permit is issued. Dental Cabinets (sterilization center, cabinets, desks etc) fitted in place. Dealer installs your ordered equipment. X-Ray equipment HARP tested. Put away and organize the office supplies/sundries. Have your staff trained on the new equipment, software and office policies. Invite your colleagues and friends for a soft opening. A trial run never hurts! Stage Nine: Ribbon Cutting Bring on the patients. You're open! Stage Always: Breathe Easy Don't worry if the stages and their steps fall a bit out of order. This is just a guide to get you moving in the right direction. Rely on me to consult with every step of the way. Let Me Help Are you looking to open your own practice? Do you need to assemble a team to get it done? Give me a call, myself and the team at Specialty Dental will connect you with every professional you need for this venture. In till next time, Eric Horwood Equipment Consultant Specialty Dental C: 416 859 5125 E:

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