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Advantages of a Modern Sterilization Center

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Public Health. Did you just look over your shoulder? If you did it might be time to consider what advantages a modern sterilization center offers to your patients and your practice. Why are our clients thrilled after upgrading? After all they aren't billing for the time their staff spends processing items for sterilization. But what if I tell you it is because their staff spends less time processing and more time chair side assisting or scaling? Sounds pretty good right? Well that is the first advantage of a modern sterilization center. Efficiency.

Modern Sterilization Center
Modern Sterilization Center

What makes them more efficient? They go with the flow! Each stage of the sterilization process is represented by a physically separated section of the sterilization center. Your staff can go about their tasks without having to double back. Gone are the chaos induced thoughts in the back of their minds like "What's next?" "Were these instruments cleaned?" "Can I store clean items here?" Our manufacturing partners at MCC Dental Cabinets outline each of these stages in this excellent graphic. The graphic also illustrates how/why their sterilization center designs work so well.

Aside from being efficient from a processing time perspective, proper flow also leads into the next advantage of modern sterilization centers. Patient care.

I've yet to meet a client whose main priority wasn't patient care. This section of a RCDSO guideline draft highlights why an intelligently designed and built sterilization center is important. Safety. Modern sterilization centers are not just limited to laminate construction anymore. In compliance with current guidelines and best practice standards, they are built with materials such as quartz for the counter-tops. A solid surface non-porous material that is resistant to damage from harsh hospital grade disinfectants that in turn helps reduce the transfer of bacteria/microbes.Offering a range of impervious surfaces decreases the spread of harmful bacteria

MCC also manufactures sterilization centers using a marine based plastic called Starboard. Starboard itself is 99.9% anti microbial and anti-bacterial. Better yet, it can not be damaged by steam/water. Run your steam producing sterilization equipment as much as needed without the worry of damaging your sterilization center. No more delaminating. Modern sterilization centers also have the advantage of longevity. In addition to these materials reducing the spread of potentially harmful bacteria/microbes they are also more durable as mentioned above. As evidenced by the increased warranty coverage of the MCC Starboard sterilization center, 7 years, versus their own laminate sterilization center warranty of 2 years. Think your sterilization center could be more efficient, safe and last longer? Then give myself or the team here at Specialty Dental a call. We'd be happy to help. In till next time, Eric Horwood Equipment Consultant Specialty Dental C: 416 859 5125 E:

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