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SciCan HYDRIM® - Is a Dental Instrument Washer right for your practice?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It is a valid question but not one I or anyone aside from yourself can answer. Instead let me take the time to provide some insight.

6-10 Full sized cassettes in 40-35 minutes (SciCan C61W -L110W). Start to dry. Approximately 1 hour of (manual labour) time saved for every 9 procedural set ups. Here is a suggestion. Take the average number of procedures completed daily in your practice, divide that number by 9 and then multiply that number by the average hourly wage of your staff that could end up processing instruments on any given day. What is the total? What happens if you multiply that by the number of days your office is open in a year? Is a Hydrim right for your office? Can you think of areas where the time and expense used for manual labor would be better served? Is there a task your assistants could be completing that generates revenue? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then a Hydrim could serve as a solution to your practices needs. In terms of labor expense there is a clear advantage to using a Hydrim but what other benefits to they offer to your staff and patients? Efficient Five stages in one. Unlike when using an ultrasonic cleaner you do not have to; Pre-soak, Rinse, Run, Rinse again and dry before bagging or wrapping. The Hydrim takes care of those stages by itself. Instruments come out contamination free, debris free, dry and ready to bag/wrap. Safe By removing many of the manual stages from instrument re-processing you also reduce how often instruments are handled. Resulting in less risk of puncture injuries. Effective Eliminates 99.9994% of bacteria. In the video to the below, Ted Grey provides a great example. If an instrument enters the unit with one million bacteria, it exits with six. The six remaining bacteria will be eliminated through the sterilization process.

Smart The large touch screen gives in-depth cycle information and allows users to view current operations. From the networking portal, users can access cycle history and validation information. If there is ever a cycle fault, the G4 software will send an email to your office and the service technician, to allow remote troubleshooting. Do you think a Hydrim would be a good investment for your office? Still not sure? Feel welcome to give me a call, I'd be happy to discuss further. In till next time, Eric Horwood Equipment Consultant Specialty Dental C: 416 859 5125 E:

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