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SciCan STATCLAVE G4: It has a few tricks up it sleeve.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022


It may be the new kid on the block but its parents have lived in this neighborhood for years. The SciCan STATCLAVE G4 recently made its debut at trade shows across the country. It made its first stop in Vancouver at the Pacific Dental Conference 2019. It is a dynamic air removal (pre-vacuum) table-top steam sterilizer intended for use by a health care provider to sterilize medical products by means of pressurized steam. Fun Fact: It the first unit of its kind to create vacuum using using a water ventrui rather than a vacuum pump.

Check out this interview with Ted Gray and Melissa Summerfield. They discuss some of the great features the STATCLAVE G4 has to offer. Don't worry, the title of this post was not click-bait. Lets roll back those sleeves. Here are some lesser known features of the STATCLAVE G4! Auto-fill Compatible There is an auto-fill port located at the rear of the unit that can be used instead of the manual reservoir fill locations on the top and front of the unit. By changing the units setting from manual to automatic you can hook up your offices Vista Pure Specialized Water Filtration System with Accumulation Tank to the STATCLAVES fill port. You can also hook it up to a External Water Tank and Auxiliary Pump. In either case say goodbye to having your staff use part of their day to fill your unit! (Hooking the unit up to direct-to-drain is recommended when using the auto-fill feature) Safe -Overheat thermostats Band heater safety thermostats and steam generator safety thermostat protect the unit. -Pressure relief valve Chamber pressure relief valve protects the unit and users. -Pressure or vacuum relief on power failure Automatic pressure or vacuum relief protects users when the power is interrupted. -Electronics protection Controller board fuses protect the unit’s electronics. Printer Compatible Some offices may prefer to have a printed record generated after every cycle. To use an external printer you must connect it to the STATCLAVE’s RS232 port using the serial printer cable supplied with your printer. SciCan recommends the Epson TM-U220D (C31C515603). Delayed Start Option Every cycle features a delayed start option to help coordinate sterilization with your workflow or even start the day with a clean instrument load. Chamber Preheating Programmable chamber preheating and unit standby mode ensure the STATCLAVE is warm and ready when you need it. As Ted Gray mentions, the STATCLAVE G4 has been built this unit to be a platform that is not only capable today but for years to come. Interested in learning more? Have a question? Call or email myself or the team here at Specialty Dental. It would be our pleasure to help. In till next time, Eric Horwood Equipment Consultant Specialty Dental C: 416 859 5125 E:

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