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Tuttnauer T-Top 10 Dental Autoclave

Tuttnauer T-Top 10 Dental Autoclave

Designed to Meet Your Healthcare Clinics’ Everyday Sterilization Needs

T-Top, a 21 liter tabletop autoclave, specifically developed for dental clinics of small to medium practices. Simplicity and economy, this tabletop autoclave covers the fundamental needs for your general clinic sterilization with the aim of increasing the productivity of your practice.

T-Top offers universal capacity, handed to you, in an affordable and reliable solution you can count on for managing your daily practice sterilization process workload.


The perfect balance between performance, ergonomics, technology & usability. Resulting in a strong and efficient autoclave which perfectly meets the requirements of all standard practices.

  • Product Info

    •  Plug and Play. No dedicated installation connections needed, simply a power source
    • Reliable Performance. Quality product that will do all you need and expect

    • Assorted water filling and drainage methods (top, front   or automatic) 
    • Traceability & Connectivity. Monitor & trace your process. Connect using Ethernet connection, USB ports, Built-in Wi-Fi, and R.PC.R

    • Time saver setting. Set test cycles and sterilization cycles to start at any time

    • Compact Design. Does not require a lot of counter top or shelf space

    • Safety & Regulation. Meets strictest international standards

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