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StarDental StarSimplicity Series

StarDental StarSimplicity Series

SKU: 265633

StarSimplicity handpieces from StarDental provide exceptional value and performance over the long term.

  • Product Info

    • Value Pricing

      US manufactured handpieces ranging from $425-$225 retail - NEW Lower Prices!

    • Steel Bearing Autochuck or Manual Turbine Models

      Provides traditional bur retention with a friction grip, manual chuck and bur tool, or the convenience of push button bur changing. Precision high speed lubricated bearings and superior turbine concentricity contribute to accurate tooth surface preparation.

    • Stainless Steel Construction

      Lightweight stainless steel construction alls for strength and durability, and provides a superior resistance to handling damage than other handpieces made from plated brass or anodized aluminum - now with a high gloss finish!

    • High performance Dental Handpiece

      Power and torque enables fast and precise removal of tooth structure and amalgam to improve speed and provide precise quality of work

    • Small Head Size

      A small head design improves line of sight and accessibility to the oral cavity. Single solid rod fiber optic glass minimizes shadowing.

    • Fiber Optics

      Single glass rod fiber optics for shadow-free illumination.


      Improved unique water spray flushes work site and keeps tooth & bur cool.

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