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StarDental Solara® QT Series

StarDental Solara® QT Series

SKU: 265718

Don’t let your handpiece weigh you down.

  • Product Info

    • Lightweight

      More than 20% lighter than any handpiece on the market means it delivers less wrist and finger stress and fatigue.* Lightweight design for less gripping strength.

    • Smooth Grip

      Smooth gripping area avoids creating any pressure points.

    • Mini Head

      Mini head designs means improved line of sight.**

    • Innovative Design

      Neck designed specifically for the smaller fingers of a female dentist.

    • Ceramic Bearings

      LubeFree ceramic bearings are more than 50% lighter than the lubricated stainless steel bearings used by competitors.

    • More Power

      Engineered for more watts at peak power when you need it most.

      Noise Reduction Technology

      New advanced air flow design cuts pitch by as much as 50%.

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