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SciCan Statim G4 5000

SciCan Statim G4 5000

SKU: G4-201102

SciCan’s innovative G4 Technology, now WiFi enabled, automatically records and monitors every cycle 24/7 so the tedious task of manually logging cycle data can now be done automatically and error-free.

Logging accurate cycle information has never been so effortless, simple and efficient. STATIM G4 Technology detects human or mechanical error before it costs time and money.

  • Product Info

    • STATIM 2000 G4 cycle times: 9 minutes unwrapped –

         17.5 minutes wrapped

    •  A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid
      display of messages and current cycle information all with
      extraordinary clarity
    •  SciCan’s STATIM G4 Technology offers a platform with
      endless possibilities. The product expansion and modes of
      communication will provide visibility from every facet, from
      usability to troubleshooting
    • Uses fresh distilled water
    •  Dri-TecC drying system for fast dry loads
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