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SciCan HYDRIM® C61 W/WD G4

SciCan HYDRIM® C61 W/WD G4

SKU: C61W-D01

HYDRIM C61W/WD G4 ensures instruments are properly and consistently cleaned before moving to the next step of instrument reprocessing, sterilization.

  • Product Info

    • Can be mounted under the counter or as a counter top.
    • HIPTM ULTRA cleaning solution is stored in the unit, no extra storage space required.
    • Automated washing saves 1 hour of labour (manual cleaning) for every nine procedural set-ups1.
    • HYDRIM G4 ensures that every set of instruments receive the same validated cleaning process by dosing the correct amount of detergent with each cycle.
    • Validated cycles to ensure repeatable washing performance.
    • Active drying system allows instruments to immediately be transferred to the next step of instrument reprocessing, sterilization.
    • Designed as a self-monitoring unit, WiFi enabled G4 technology can connect and send cycle data to your smart devices or computer, providing easily accessible cycle information and service logs.
    • G4 technology connects your HYDRIM to specialized technicians, which allows for remote support and minimizes unnecessary downtime.
    • Large touch screen gives in-depth cycle info and allows users to view current operation.
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