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Sable NSK Compatible 1:1 Contra Angle

Sable NSK Compatible 1:1 Contra Angle

Sable, NSK Type, 1:1 Contra Angle, for Slow Speed Handpieces. NSK Model # EC.



  • Product Info

    Product Code 1600210
    Compatible Brand NSK Interchangeable
    Compatible OEM Model EC
    Compatible OEM P/N C100
    ISO Type E-Type
    Tooth # Connection 12 Tooth
    Gear Ratio 1 : 1
    Speed Up to 25,000 RPM
    Colour Metallic
    CSA Approval Yes
    FDA Registered Yes
    Weight 30 Grams / 1.06 Ounces
    Warranty 6 Months
    Available In Canada & USA
    Sterilization Procedure Refer to instructions on your particular autoclave or sterilizer
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