RAMVAC Bulldog® QT

RAMVAC Bulldog® QT

SKU: 809E.1050.1

Bulldog QT dental dry vacuums give you lots of power but take little space. Models for one and two doctors easily fit the same footprint as a twin water ring pump. Bulldog QTs create twice the useful performance per horsepower as water ring pumps or turbines and outlast them all, many times over. Bulldogs are protected by RAMVAC exclusive 10 year, no-fail, no-wear-out pump warranty. If you’ve always wanted a compact, powerful waterless dental vacuum that’s built for the life of your practice, check out the RAMVAC Bulldog QT. This pump packs the power.

  • Product Info

    • 100% water free.
    • 10 year no-fail, no wear-out pump warranty.
    • Once a year maintenance.
    • Complete system UL 544 (Dental Equipment) Listed and FDA registered.
    • Federal users please call direct.
    • Please call for Pre-Installation Guide and/or bid specifications.
    • Patents 4,963,094 and 5,282,744
    • FDA Medical Device Registration K895876
    • UL Listed Dental Vacuum System File E122487
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