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Owandy  RX Intraoral X-Ray

Owandy RX Intraoral X-Ray

Equipped with High Frequency technology and a 0.4mm focal spot, the Owandy-RX ensures consistent exposure parameters and high quality X-ray emissions. Microprocessor control of the timer guarantees exposure times are accurate to 1/100th of a second. HF technology ensures patient safety by a significant reduction in X-ray doses and elimination of harmful soft X-rays. Both exposure time and delivered dose are clearly displayed on the screen. The Owandy-RX is compatible with the various types of sensors on the market (films, digital sensors, imaging plate systems).

  • Product Info


    • Equipped with DC high-frequency technology, The Owandy-RX provides consistent exposure parameters. It’s 0.4mm focal spot excellent quality X-ray emission flux.

    • Modern, and compact, the Owandy-RX looks good and fits in harmoniously with your operating environment. The ergonomic handle means it can be positioned effortlessly, just where you need it.

    • Thanks to a 3.7” LCD screen, the Owandy-RX has a simple and intuitive interface. To save energy, it automatically goes into standby (sleep) mode whenever left on unused.

    • 2 Year Warranty

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