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MCC Sterilization Centers

MCC Sterilization Centers

Now featuring MCCs 15 Year Limited Warranty!

MCC's Dental Sterilization Centers incorporate insights from dental practitioners across North America. As a result of their research and development, they have been able to streamline the flow of the sterilization process, aid operator efficiency and surpass the latest CDC asepsis guidelines. Their design follows the flow of sterilization requirements; Receiving & Cleaning, Preparation & Packaging, Sterilization and Sterile Clean Storage. New advancements in Anti-microbial materials combined with their industry leading design makes their new ST Series of Dental Sterilization Centers the most advanced on the market; the Sterilization units are constructed from materials that offer 99.99% antimicrobial protection and are impervious to water damage. Choice of ST, Perfect Fit, Modular or Custom design.

  • Product Info

    • Solid surface counter included
    • PVC edging
    • Integrated waste module with waste drop, sharps and bio waste
    • Built-in glove dispenser
    • Under mounted stainless steel sink
    • Hardware and plumbing fixtures included
    • Automatic washer compatible
    • Tapmaster hands free water activation
    • Red/Blue (Dirty/Clean) indicators
    • 3 or 4 separate areas for receiving/ preparation, cleaning preparation, packaging sterilization and sterile clean storage
    • 5” Brushed chrome handles
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