Forest Dental Standard IC Control Head

Forest Dental Standard IC Control Head


The Forest Dental Stand IC Control head is Designer Friendly® and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.  

  • Product Info

    • Standard IC control head
      automatic control for three handpieces
      asepsis 3-way air/water syringe with tubing, 5
      handpiece tubing, 4-hole Midwest, asepsis style, 5’
      pneumatic master control block with diaphragm
      master on/off
    • Individual handpiece pressure adjustment
    • Individual water coolant adjustment
    • Non-retraction water coolant
    • Air coolant adjustment
    • Handpiece flush
    • Handpiece exhaust filter/oil collector
    • Single handle brake release function
    • Self-contained clean water system with quick disconnect,
    • Single bottle, 1 1/2 liter
    • Wet/dry foot control
    • Flexible control arm with pneumatic brake (3235)
    • Cabinet vertical mount 12” rigid arm & 18” flex arm
    • Flexible control arm with pneumatic brake (3230)
    • wall vertical mount 22” rigid arm & 18” flex arm
    • External umbilical, 5’
    • Standard utility center housing and cover (3230)
    • Air pressure regulator with filter
    • Master air shut-off valve
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