Forest Dental Fusion Package Fixed Mount

Forest Dental Fusion Package Fixed Mount

Luxury Meets Affordability. The Fusion Package emerges from the synthesis 
of two great brands, Forest Dental Equipment and DentalEZ® Equipment. 

The Fusion Package combines high quality electronics, hydraulics, bearings 
and surface treatments, while staying focused on the elements of design and affordability.

Offered in both Pivot and 
Fixed with Sidebox Configurations.

  • Product Info


      • Automatic control for three handpieces 
        • 3-way air/water syringe w/tubing, 5’
        • 4-hole handpiece tubing, 5’
        • pneumatic master control block w/diaphragm
        • master on/off
        • individual handpiece pressure adjustment
        • individual water coolant adjustment
        • non-retraction water coolant
        • air/water coolant adjustment
        • handpiece flush
        • handpiece exhaust canister/oil collector
        • handle brake release function
        • wet/dry foot control - Shadow powder coat standard
      • Flexible control arm w/pneumatic brake 
        • vertical travel 28” w/horizontal travel 62”
      • Sidebox w/self-contained clean water system 
        • w/quick disconnect, single bottle, 1 1/2 liter
      • Water quick disconnect 1/4” w/flow control
      • Air quick disconnect 3/8” w/flow control
      • Toggle valve for city/bottle water routing
      • Telescoping arm w/swivel quad holder bar
      • Central vacuum accessory package 
        • central vacuum canister w/disposable solids collector
        • 3-way air/water syringe w/tubing, 5’
        • autoclavable standard HVE lever valve w/tubing, 5’
        • autoclavable saliva ejector lever valve w/tubing, 5’
      • Internal umbilical, 5’ w/3’ external from chair to utility center
      • Deluxe utility center with air/water pressure regulators w/filter
      • master air/water shut-off valves
      • Chair adapter

      • Naugahyde® upholstery w/wide back for elbow support
      • Plastic toe guard 21”
      • Double articulating pinch-style headrest
      • Right/left patient access
      • Swing-down locking armrests
      • Hydraulic cantilever mechanism
      • Aluminum casting chair back, base, armrest and headrest
      • Emergency shut-off
      • 30-degree swivel rotation w/lock
      • Seat height: minimum 17” maximum 29
    • 9078 / 9079 LED LIGHT

      • Automatic on/off activation w/override
      • 3-Axis light head movement
      • Easy release autoclavable handles
      • Light source: 10 LED lamps
      • Color temperature, 4,200 to 6,000 Kelvin
      • Designer Friendly® powder coat paint light head
  • Cancellation

     A 30% restocking fee will be charged for cancellation of any regularly stocked items. Special order items cannot be cancelled. These include, but are not limited to: custom cabinetry, upholstery and colour changes.

  • Installation

    Installation of items greater than $3000.00 are included in the purchase price (excluding cabinetry): provided all pre-installation requirements are met. These include, but are not limited to, construction, plumbing, electrical and permits. The Seller reserves the right to charge for extra cost for work done during evenings, weekends or statutory holidays and for installations outside their regular service area.