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Forest Dental Comfort Stools

Forest Dental Comfort Stools

Finally, a stool you can get excited about. Forest offers North America’s only doctor, assistant and office stools designed for forward-leaning practitioners. This exclusive feature allows for hours of pain-free work.

  • Product Info

    • Remove stress on lumbar disks. Because the DuPont® mesh seat prevents slipping, it supports legs in a decline position, keeping your back in the proper 90 degree angle relative to the seat.
    • Allow for natural movement while supporting your spine and releasing tension. Because the backrest is rounded on the horizontal plane rather than the industry standard concave, it rolls up and down as you move forward and back, massaging the tissue and increasing circulation in the lumbar area.
    • Maintain proper alignment. The Active-Tilt™ seat plate mechanism allows you to move and lock into a decline, neutral and recline position, eliminating pressure points in any posture.
    • Eliminate noise. The all-surface 60mm polyurethane casters are virtually silent on any surface.
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