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Forest Dental 9078/9079 LED

Forest Dental 9078/9079 LED

SKU: 9078/79

The 9078/9079 brings you all the benefits associated with the latest LED bulbs in an all-aluminum light head housing. Aluminum is superior to plastic as it can be powder coated in one of Forest Dentals nine colors to complement your interior design; the tough finish easily withstands the rigors of the treatment room and will not fade, discolor or crack.

The optics of the 3X5 inch pattern are designed to keep light out of the patient’s eyes. The color of the light can be adjusted from 4200 to 6000 Kelvin for tissue examination and shade/color matching respectively. A much appreciated feature of the LED bulb is that the same color is maintained regardless of the intensity level, enabling you to turn down the light to eliminate glare, without affecting color.

Brightness or LUX can be adjusted from 8000 to 35000. A third axis of rotation allows the light head to be positioned over the shoulder while keeping the pattern parallel with the long axis of the mouth so you don’t have to compete with the light for space above the patient’s head.

The 9078/9079 is the only light of its kind with autoclavable handles small enough to fit in a standard sterilizer, especially important for patients that require hospital grade infection-control.

  • Product Info

    • Automatic on/off activation with override
    • 3-Axis light head movement
    • Easy release autoclavable handles
    • Light source 10 LED lamps
    • Color temperature, 4,200 to 6,000 Kelvin
    • Designer Friendly® powder coat paint light head
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