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DentalEZ Galaxy Delivery Unit

DentalEZ Galaxy Delivery Unit

SKU: 3655-313

A Dental Delivery Unit with Stellar Design & Infinite Flexibility

  • Product Info

    • Units available in Fixed Chair Mounted or Magellan L/R version
    • Sleek modern design enhances the appearance of the dental offic
    • 3 Styles of controls head designed for up to 4 handpieces (3 standard) and 2 static hangers (1 standard)
    • Standard with die cast aluminum pinch valve system providing years of reliable performance
    • Piezo scaler, curing light and intraoral camera available integrated into delivery unit. These products must be ordered at the time of delivery unit purchase.
    • All DentalEZ Delivery Systems come standard with BioFree tubing, physically imbedded with silver ions, on all internal water lines and handpiece tubings. This suppresses the growth of bacteria, minimizes the need for flushing and the use of corrosive chemicals, and reduces line clogging, water flow restrictions and sticky handpieces.
    • Also available Euro style
    • Available in all delivery system configurations, allows the dentist to choose the best type of delivery for their practice.
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