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Crown Seating Keystone C40AR

Crown Seating Keystone C40AR

  • The simple design allows the user to focus on what is important.
  • Superior cushioning creates unparalleled comfort.
  • Round Seat provides more freedom to move.
  • The ratchet arm adjusts vertically and horizontally to allow the user to operate comfortably.
  • Hard floor casters glide easily in any environment.
  • Five-leg powder-coated aluminum base provides improved stability.
  • Choice of different height lift mechanisms provides a wide range of adjustment
  • Features

    • Stool: Single Lever Adjustment
    • Seat: Round
    • Arm: Ratcheting
    • Cylinder: Tall
    • Foot Ring: Adjustable
    • Base: Metal
    • Casters: Hard floor
    • Cushioning: Closed Cell Injection Molded Foam
    • Upholstery: Medical Grade Vinyl
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 35 lbs
    • Stool Base Diameter: 23″
    •  Floor Seat Height: 23″ – 30″
    • Seat Measurements: Diameter 15″
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