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Coltene SPEC 3

Coltene SPEC 3

The S.P.E.C. 3 curing light defines performance without compromise. Chair time can be effectively reduced due to rapid and deep polymerization on various light cured materials. The sealed aluminum body ensures quick and easy disinfection between patients. The powerful Lithium Polymer Battery offers enough storage capacity to perform over 300 ten-second cures between charges. The Coltene S.P.E.C. 3 features multiple curing modes for maximum functionality in any clinical situation.

  • Product Info

    • cures 2mm deep in one second
    • three Distinct Power Modes
    • ergonomic lightweight design

    Multiple modes:

    • Standard Mode: Ideal for most composite curing scenarios.
    • 3K Mode: For rapid curing when time is an issue, like pedo or patients with gag reflex.
    • Ortho Mode: Cures an entire full-arch of brackets with 2 three second intervals per bracket.
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