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SKU: S 950 0002


The SOPROCARE concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office.

SOPROCARE reveals caries in CARIO mode, as well as new and old dental plaque in PERIO mode

In addition, SOPROCARE is the fi rst product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation.

In DAYLIGHT mode, SOPROCARE can also be used as a camera, providing all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination.

  • Product Info

    • 1 Year Comprehensive/5 Year Warranty

      Due to the wavelength emitted by the LED lights of SOPROCARE®, the new plaque is highlighted by its white and grainy characteristicand old plaque is revealed a shade of yellow and orange.

      Enamo-dentinal caries are clearly revealed by the bright red colour in the CARIO mode. Other surrounding tissue is displayed in black and white, thus focusing on the carious lesions.


      A preset focus ring replaces the inconvenience of autofocus and provides sharp images without delay, regardless of the object or the distance.

    •  3 modes for 3 needs

    •  Highlight the old and new dental plaque, gingival inflammation and caries

    • Unmatchable communication tool in the dental practice

    •  Fully compatible with all imaging software

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