Productive Practices ErgoPro Straddle

Productive Practices ErgoPro Straddle

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ErgoPro Straddle Stools allow practitioners to operate at a taller setting.  The waterfall front edge of the saddle style seat relieves unwanted pressure under the thighs. The concept of operating higher, while allowing your feet to be firmly planted on the ground, allows the user to achieve anterior pelvic tilt which promotes healthy and natural curvature of the spine.   Assembled with a 19" wheel base and a seat dimensions 3"-4" smaller in width than your typical seat, the compact design of the straddle stool allows closer proximity and access to the patient.  Straddle Stools have been regarded as some of the most ergonomic seating options for doctors, hygienists, assistants and office personnel.  Articulating Support Arms and Assistant Arm (belly bar) can be easily adapted to each stool, customizing the users needs and promoting true ergonomics at work.   

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